Dragon age origins relationship with leliana

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dragon age origins relationship with leliana

Anyone else having trouble getting any farther with Leliana? I planned to romance Leliana on my first play through and Morrigan/Zevran on my. For Dragon Age: Origins on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How to unlock For some reason I don't get any romance options with Leliana. Trying to decide who to choose. I have not finished the game yet so please keep spoilers to a minimum. I am playing as a female warden, and i.

Once it's over, Zevran will be free from the threat and he'll be open to love. The important thing is that you don't push him too hard though.

He will offer you an earing, but he will not appreciate it if you insist on it being a commitment of love. Just accept it and thank him. He'll then get a little distant while he mulls it over.

dragon age origins relationship with leliana

Eventually he should be willing to admit his feelings and conclude the romance line. Romance in Dragon Age Origins — Alistair This is a fairly important romance, since it's possible for a human noble to become queen alongside Alistair through this path.

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Regardless, the actual romance isn't too tricky. It's not nearly as bad as the romance for Morrigan at least. Once again, you just can't make fun of him. He'll generally approve of "good" actions in the quest and you should gain approval pretty quickly. If you find that the romance has stalled, you can also follow his companion quest.

All you have to do is have a fairly sad reunion with his sister. You have the opportunity to harden him through this quest too. Once he's grown up a bit after his reunion, you should be able to fully fall in love. He'll offer you a rose and you can spend a night together in the tent. This is a bit of a special relationship though, since the Landsmeet can end it. A normal Alistair will break up with you and honor his commitment to Queen Anora if you don't push for him to marry you and rule together.

dragon age origins relationship with leliana

You need to pursue this path at the Landsmeet and convince him that they can't force the king to do anything that he's against.

A hardened Alistair will be willing to continue the relationship as an affair during his rule.

Dragon Age: Origins Romance – Leliana

Dragon Age Romance — Morrigan A romance with Morrigan takes a little bit longer, although she's willing to sleep with the warden fairly early. Good characters will have a lot of trouble since Morrigan is usually at odds with the good characters. The problem is that Wynne, Alistair and Lelianna are all very useful.

It's only later in the game that you can replace Wynne by teaching Morrigan healing power and replace Lelianna with Zevran. Sten is a decent stand in for Alistair, but that's about it for early options. If you don't want to pick the more evil paths, then you will probably want to leave Morrigan behind for a fair number of the quests.

It's either that or just try to keep her fairly placated until you can get the last few gifts. The thing with Morrigan is that all of her really important gifts are a little back loaded. Her companion quest grants a ton of approval and it should push you over the edge and into a real romance. For Morrigan's gifts, you can generally focus on jewelry.


The really important one is a golden mirror that you can buy in Orzammar. If you paid attention to her stories, you should remember a golden and bejewled mirror that she stole from a camp once but that Flemeth smashed to teach her a lesson on caution. Tell her that you remembered when you give her the mirror and you'll get a lot of apprvoal. Doing her quest will net you a lot more though.

When you go to the Circle Toweryou can find Enchanter Irving's office on the second floor. A special Black Grimoire is inside. Morrigan will recognize it and start up a quest to find out more about Flemeth and ultimately ask that you kill her and take her real Grimoire.

You'll need to kill Flemeth in dragon form, but it's not too bad for the advanced party you should have by that point. This quest will give another big boost.

After that Morrigan will ask you about your relationship and have some trouble coming to terms with her feelings. Make sure that you have a save ready or that you have a good quicksave for the camp. If you don't navigate it well then she'll break up with you. If you can convince her that it's a good thing, she'll give you a special ring. That's about it though. Specifically, you can have the option for a threesome or even a foursome with Isabella.

She actually offers herself up when you talk to her after a little fight at The Pearl. She'll offer to teach you the Duelist specialization for a night together or by catching her cheating at the card game she's running. The option for extra partners will present itself for a few relationships. A hardened Alistair or Leliana will be willing to join you if you're already in a relationship. Zevran will also always offer to join as long as he's in the party, even if you aren't in a relationship.

Note that Morrigan isn't a libertine. Go back to talk to Kaitlyn again and tell her the sword is valuable. Give her silver 5 gold for it.

Alistair and Sten will also give Approval for this, but Morrigan will give you a negative. Play through one of the main Blight quests and when you return to camp a cutscene will trigger with Leliana. Next time you leave Camp have her in your group. Suggest to her that you should go to Denerim and confront Marjoline and this will trigger her personal quest. Kill Marjoline, but save before you go into the door to confront Marjoline — just in case.

This can be a tough fight if you do it too early or without good equipment. Return to camp and talk to Leliana. She can either embrace her tougher side or continue down a gentler path with the beliefs in the Maker closer to a Chantry sister. More on that later. Her ending will also differ depending on which you choose, but otherwise game play stays the same.

My city elf was crazy about her but extremely clueless. She nearly had to hit him in the head with a pot to get him into her tent. You can take her up on the invitation immediately or get a few chuckles at her expense if your Warden is dense. Either way, you can finally get the Warden in the tent with her.

dragon age origins relationship with leliana

If you need a list of her special Gifts here they are. She will get into a 3-some or 4-some at the Pearl with the lady pirate Isabella.

To do a 3-some you must have her personality hardened. Talk to Isabella, ask her to teach you to be a duelist. If Zevran is in your party, you can turn it into a 4-some. To get this, you need to have her in the party when you go to Orzamarr, have a high approval rate with her, have talked the majority or all of her conversations to an end, and have done her personal quest.

Wrangle a nug or two for the dwarf, pick up a few silvers, then head back to Dust Town. Ask him about getting a nug as a pet. Leave Orzamarr and go back to camp. Return and talk to this dwarf again. Shmooples will then join your camp, and even be next to her at the very end of the game when you say farewell to everyone. Like all the love interests, you can be involved with multiple partners for awhile.