Gotham penguins umbrella ending a relationship

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gotham penguins umbrella ending a relationship

GOTHAM Review: “The Penguin's Umbrella” story begins moments after last week's “Spirit of the Goat” ended, with Bullock threatening to kill. “Penguin's Umbrella” (seriously?) mostly consists of way too many predictable power play results in absolutely zero change in their relationships. and ends up screwing up Gordon's plans as a result, leaving Gordon in. However, during their plot to takeover Gotham City she was accidentally killed by tried to take advantage of the information acquired during this relationship to take Falcone's place in the family. . Fish calls Don Maroni, informing him that the Penguin was actually Falcone's man, and had played them both in the end run.

Two months before the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Gotham City Police Department detectives Harvey Bullock and his new partner Amanda Wong looked up a lead regarding the background of a thief that was killed while robbing the Wayne Manor.

Fish helped identify an associate from the thief's Blackgate days, which ultimately culminated in the death of the Martha and Thomas Wayne. When they arrive, Mooney is in the middle of beating a man who had been stealing from her. Upon meeting, she warmly greets Harvey, they being good friends. After initially denying any knowledge on the identity of the Waynes' murderer, she promises to help in any way she can, while showing a cold interest in Gordon due to his straightforwardness and interest in the case.

Bullock and Gordon visit Pepper at his home, who denies any involvement in the Waynes' case.

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After Pepper is shot to death by Bullock while saving Gordon when the former flees, the pearl necklace is indeed found in his apartment, seemingly proving Pepper's guilt. However, Mooney is soon visited by Gordon alone, who alleges her of framing Pepper by planting a replica of Martha Wayne's necklace on him.

He also questions Bullock's involvement in this frame-up with Mooney. As Gordon is about to leave after trading words, Mooney has her men attack him, and then she herself strikes the telling blow from behind, knocking him unconscious. Bullock attempts to persuade Mooney to let Gordon go, going so far as to threaten to "go after her" if she kills his partner. Seeing this as disrespect and insult to her, she orders Gilzean on the phone to hang and kill Bullock along with Gordon too.

Keeping Bullock's words in mind of how "somebody talked" from her gang to the GCPD Major Crimes Unit leading to Gordon blaming her, Mooney asks her lackey, Oswald Cobblepotto massage her foot as she voices her ambitions to take over Gotham from Falcone, whom she now considers has gotten "old and soft". After verbally comforting Cobblepot, she confidently blames him for tipping off the Major Crimes Unit, as only he had seen with the fake pearl necklace. When he protests, stating that he would "open a vein" for her as a show of loyalty, she immediately suggests he do so while handing him a knife.

When Cobblepot tries to back out, she turns her back, while mockingly calling him "[my] little penguin". Despised by this name-calling and seeing this as his chance, Cobblepot tries to attack Mooney with the knife, only to be brutally beaten by her with a chair, whilst breaking his leg, and giving him a limp.

After Mooney squarely denies it, Falcone gives the impression of believing her and starts asking about her lover.

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  • Butch Gilzean
  • Penguin (character)

He kisses Fish's hand and thanks her for being honest. She aggressively orders everyone to leave her club soon after Falcone exits. Later, Fish's head thug Butch is telling her it was too early now to make a move on Falcone.

She knows and voices her desire to amass more money and men to Gilzean, so that one day, she can personally kill Falcone with her "bare hands and [her] teeth". Butch offers to hold her shoes.

She also sadistically wishes for Cobblepot to still have been alive so that she could have made him suffer more for talking to Falcone about her plans against him. The two Major Crimes Unit Detectives questioned Mooney concerning Cobblepot, and Mooney told the two that the rumor on the street was that Jim Gordon pulled the trigger against Cobblepot, turning their investigation to Don Carmine Falcone as the one who had ordered Gordon to kill Cobblepot. She later consoles Lazlo, who is worried about her, seeing as should put Montoya and Allen onto Falcone ordering Gordon to kill Cobblepot.

Afterward, she calls one of her henchmen to get rid of Lazlo, as he's "lost his spine" and tells the henchmen to tell Butch Gilzean to make Falcone's latest lover Natalia undergo an unfortunate accident.

gotham penguins umbrella ending a relationship

Falcone later visits Mooney, making sure there were no hard feelings from the previous night, with Fish telling him "never". The conversation then goes on, focusing on Falcone's lover Natalia being mugged, with Fish telling Falcone that she hoped whoever had done it had paid with their life, and Falcone saying that the person responsible would when they found him or her, along with anyone that helped them.

Later, the Falcone crime family gathered, and Nikolai spoke out about Maroni thinking he won by getting a piece of Arkham, suggesting that they push back against Maroni. However, Falcone told Nikolai that they wouldn't do so yet, and an argument between Fish and Nikolai began. Falcone reminded the two that they all needed each other and that they were family. Later, Fish and Nikolai shared a night of passion while reviewing their plan to bring down Falcone. Later, Fish met with Falcone and Nikolai.

Fish and Nikolai try and convince him the importance of killing Gordon, Bullock, and Penguin, though to no avail.

gotham penguins umbrella ending a relationship

However, he gave Fish permission to go to see Maroni to ask him to hand over Cobblepot and he'd send Victor to find Gordon. Maroni calls for Cobblepot to offer a sincere apology to Mooney for offending her, but Mooney isn't satisfied, citing that there'd be "bloodshed" instead. Fish was later present when Falcone proposed a peace agreement which allowed Maroni to keep Cobblepot in exchange for Maroni's warehouse by the river.

Mooney tells Liza about a fictional story her mother was a prostitute and was eventually murdered by one of Falcone's men. Mooney tells Liza it taught her to never be weak and Liza agrees to stay committed to the plan. Later that night, Fish Mooney and Butch Gilzean met with Kasyanov and his people to give them a pickup truck and the location of the secret vault where Falcone kept much of his money.

A few minutes later, Alfred and Bullock reach the club asking to speak to Fish, however, she only arrives after seeing Alfred subdue, then holds a knife to Butch's throat. Under the opinion that helping find Selina would counterproductive to her own personal interests Mooney initially refuses to help, however, Alfred appeals to her honorable side to convince her to get them the name of Selina's fence.

Saviano stated that he wished something would happen to Falcone before any of them ended up like Bannion, and he asserted that he'd take over if Falcone fell as if he was next in line, to Fish's dismay. Later, Fish begins to make plans to deal with Saviano knowing that he would present an obstacle.

However, Butch offers to handle the situation as him and Saviano had known each other since childhood. Later, Falcone strangles Liza to death in front of Mooney, scolding Fish for using a girl with the likeness of his mother to destroy him. Falcone calls for Oswald, who relishes having the upper hand against Fish. Before Falcone has Mooney and Butch Gilzean led away to their undetermined fates, Cobblepot takes the opportunity to mockingly say goodbye to Fish.

Butch Gilzean manages to free himself and knocks Bob unconscious, then frees Fish Mooney. Mooney tells Butch that she plans to go after Oswald Cobblepot and get her revenge by cutting his throat. Mooney and Butch Gilzean arrive at the nightclub in order to exact revenge on Cobblepot as he negotiates a plan to combine forces. When Zsasz arrives with three associates, there is a gunfight, and Mooney and Gilzean flee. Gilzean sends Mooney out the window to escape while he buys Mooney some time which ends with Gilzean getting wounded by Zsasz.

At Gotham's ports, Bullock meets with Mooney where she tells Bullock that she will lay low for awhile as Bullock advises Mooney not to return to Gotham City.

She declares that she will return to kill Penguin. Later at sea, Fish is attended to by the ship's' captain. The boat is later overtaken by pirates, with Mooney engaging one of them in battle when he arrived in her room. She is soon approached by two men, who she gets to leave after threatening both of their lives.

Fish later discovers from Kellythat the boss of the underground prison she was being held at was run by a prisoner named Mace. She later questions Mace as to why he was the leader of the underground prison, as there were a lot of tough guys around. Fish uses her wits to bypass the security of Mace and finally get close enough to take his knife from him, assassinating him and taking his place as the head of the prison. She later announces to her fellow prisoners that there'd be order from then on, though soon after their captors entered bringing in a woman who's eyes had been removed, to everyone's horror.

Later, having been confirmed that their captors were them for body parts Fish manages to convince the rest of the prisoners to carry out a survival strategy together acting as a real family, and if they did so, she'd get some of out of there in the end run.

When the captors returned seeking out a particular prisoner and using the situation to her advantage, Fish offered to surrender the prisoner in exchange for crates of water, blankets, and fruit, but when they refuse to give them. After being ordered by the leader of the group to come with him, Fish offered to go on the term that while she talked to the manager of the facility, he stay there, though he refused. However, the leader of the captor group returned, telling Fish that the manager agreed to her terms and that he had to stay in the basement while she went upstairs.

Though before she left she asked his name, with him telling her it was Thomas Schimdt. However, when Fish discovered that the true person who ran the place Dr. Dulmacher would not meet with her because he was handling other commitments, she wanted top returned to the basement though the manager ends up offering her a bath and clean set of clothes.

After her bath and changing her clothes, Fish is brought back to the manager who in an unexpected turn of events ordered his men hold to her, intending to extract her eyes and send her back to the prison to die. They are then distracted by the TV when it is revealed Tabitha's brother Theo is alive again and causing chaos in Gotham City. Penguin shows up and Butch pulls a gun out on him, believing he intends to kill her. However, Penguin tells Butch that the main one behind their problems is Theo himself.

The pair of them form an alliance, and head to Wayne Manor where Theo plans to finish his original mission of killing Bruce Wayne.

Penguin distracts Theo before he can kill Bruce, Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth and steps aside, showing Butch armed with a rocket launcher. Butch fires upon Theo, incinerating and killing him. The pair of them then leave. As a prison bus embarking from Indian Hill crashes through the streets, Butch and his crew fire upon it, with Butch himself using a minigun.

The bus crashes and Oswald's approaches it, thinking Strange is inside. But to the disbelief of Butch, an alive Fish exits and approaches Oswald, causing him to faint.

Fish turns to Butch and winks at him, causing him and his gang to flee the scene in horror. Six months following the incident with the prison bus, Butch accompanies Oswald to a press conference at the GCPD precinct, where Oswald accuses the police force of trying to hide the truth from the public, and urged the people of Gotham City to find Fish Mooney. The pair head to a nightclub named The Sirens which is ran by Barbara and a full recovered Tabitha, the latter whom Butch still has feelings for.

During a meeting between Oswald, Barbara and Tabitha Butch is sent to the bar and out of the way. There he is approached by Selina and sends her on her way for being too young to be attending the club.

When Oswald returns to Butch, he reveals Selina stole his wallet.

gotham penguins umbrella ending a relationship

Butch and Oswald are called back to the bar as Barbara has been threatened by three mobsters, also her and Tabitha killed both of them and injured one. It turned out Butch hired them as he hoped Tabitha would run to him for protection. Angry, Oswald shot the last remaining mobster in the head and told Tabitha that the only reason he hasn't murdered her in retaliation for killing his mother is because Butch has not given him permission yet.

Both Butch and Oswald rally citizens in Gotham and arrive at the Gotham to take down the monsters. Whilst the angry mob cause a scene outside the mansion much to the anger of Nathaniel Barnes who is trying to keep the situation under control, Oswald sneaks off after getting a tip off from Gordon that Fish is escaping into the woods round the back.

In order to try and make sure Oswald would win the election, Butch began paying off the voting stations. However Oswald's friend Edward Nygma who he got out of Arkham Asylum to help with the campaign wanted Oswald to win fairly and show that the people of Gotham did care for him, and took back the money from the voters.

When Butch found out he was furious with Edward, feeling he has sabotaged any chance of winning, a revelation which briefly angered Oswald until he found out he had won by a landslide, without cheating. Oswald was thrilled, and proceeded to criticise Butch for not believing in him. As such, Oswald appointed Edward as his chief of staff, much to Butch's dismay and fury.

Butch met up with the gang later upon, but realising that Oswald had worked out where they were hiding out and coming along with his gang and Victor Zsasz in tow, Butch proceeded to betray and gun down the gang members, making Oswald approve of him again for dealing with the people that disgraced his mother. However Edward was not convinced by Butch's ruse. During Oswald's celebration party at The Sirens nightclubEdward approached Butch and revealed that he wanted to betray Oswald, as he also didn't want to be treated second best.

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Butch wasn't convinced at first, but finally agreed, especially as he found out that Edward got Zsasz to hold Tabitha captive in the club's kitchen. Butch donned the red hood mask per Edward's instruction and interrupted Oswald's speech to the party guests. He attempted to shoot Oswald with a gun given to him by Edward, only to find it was filled with blanks and that he had been set up.

Zsasz shoot and incapacitates Butch, and Edward unmasks him as the traitor. Tabitha manages to get free and helps take down Oswald's crew, and Butch proceeds to attack Edward only to be knocked unconscious by Oswald. Butch is taken into custody and driven to hospital for treatment,but is broken out of the ambulance by Tabitha and hidden away in a safehouse.

But during the torture session Butch who has been trying to convince Edward he wasn't behind her murder makes up false details of the murder, which confirms to Edward that Butch wasn't the one who did it.

However it is too late as Tabitha ends up losing her hand in a torture device bought by Edward, and a stunned Edward leaves the scene after Barbara tracks them down.

After Edward comes to the conclusion that Oswald killed Isabella out of jealously, he meets Butch, Barbara and Tabitha at the hospital, and forms an alliance to bring down the Penguin. Butch and Tabitha later interrogate Oswald on Nygma's whereabouts. Oswald taunted Butch about how he was no longer as important as he was in the past, and Butch almost shot him until Tabitha reminded him Barbara said not to kill him. Oswald taunted Butch further and Tabitha taunted Oswald about how he did nothing when she killed his mother.

Tabitha said they were taking Oswald with them, and Butch knocked Oswald out when he protested, but was dismayed when Tabitha told him he would have to carry Oswald now.

Penguin's Umbrella

They took Oswald to Barbara where she persuaded him to help them find Nygma and started to make him question whether he really loved Nygma, but it was all a ploy as Nygma was there all along. The trio turned Oswald over to him where Nygma took him to the pier, shot him, and Oswald fell into the water.

Tabitha lied that she didn't know where Nygma and Barbara went. Butch scoffed that Barbara always had Tabitha's best interests at heart. Later, Butch was proven right when Tabitha told Barbara she told Gordon where to find Nygma, saying that Barbara promised Tabitha could kill Nygma once he handed over the underworld. Barbara ranted that she will never be in control as long as the Court of Owls exists, even though she and Tabitha were supposed to be partners.

Butch was later surprised when Nygma told them that Oswald had survived, but initially refused to help Nygma kill Oswald since Nygma was the one who shot Oswald.

Nygma reminded Butch that they were all working together, so to Oswald, they are all guilty. Barbara agreed with Nygma and formed a new alliance with him. Selina asked for cash to leave town, and a promise that they wouldn't hurt Ivy However, as Selina was about to give away Oswald's location, Barbara shooed Tabitha and Butch away. As they walked away, Butch asked Tabitha how long they would have to put up with Barbara. When the group found Oswald, they were surprised to be joined by Fish Mooney, who absconded with Oswald.

With Fish on the loose, Butch became more desperate to take Barbara and Ncygma out and even suggested Fish could do it for them, but Tabitha said she wasn't ready.

They noticed Leslie Thompkins was in the club and Butch went to confront him. Leslie insulted Butch, and he went to physically remove her from the club, but realized too late Leslie had the virus and she viciously assaulted him. Leslie asked to see Barbara and grinder her stiletto heel onto Butch's chest, telling Tabitha to tell Barbara the next time Leslie sees her, she is going to rip her head off of her body.

Butch continued to push Tabitha into betraying Barbara by noting that Nygma almost killed them and now Barbara is working with him, saying he knows she cares about her, but what they had is gone. Barbara interrupts them, and says they are about to lent his city.

She noticed Nygma is missing and finds out he took Jervis Tetch with him. It didn't take them long to find Nygma, and a gun battle ensued between them and Gordon, who eventually escaped with Harvey and Jervis. Butch and Barbara got into an argument as the trio made plans to go to their safe house. After Barbara stormed off, Butch said he wasn't waiting any longer and told Tabitha that Barbara has broken every promise she made to them.

He suggested taking Barbara out at the safe house, and Tabitha agreed. Butch offered to do it himself, but Tabitha said they would do it together, and kissed Butch. His chart lists his birth name as Cyrus Gold.

Barbara continued to make fun of Butch, and Butch called her out on taking shots at him because she missed Tabitha's loyalty and strength.

Butch subtly pulled out a razor and said that if it helps, Barbara never deserved Tabitha. Barbara shot Butch in the head, and took his prosthetic hand to show Tabitha.

Oswald Cobblepot

Butch survived and remained in a coma in Hospital Brass where a doctor felt he got what deserved for being a mobster, and stated he was Butch Gilzean, but another doctor said that Butch's chart listed his name as Cyrus Gold. The reason why he changed his name is still unknown to this day.

Whoever the hell you are. After they left, the chemicals from Indian Hill that were dumped into Slaughter Swamp revived Butch Gilzean in a zombie-like state while also regenerating his hand. She urges Gordon to leave the city, but he refuses. He calmly states to the room that he is there to retrieve Gordon on Don Falcone's orders, and if everyone stays out of their way and goes about their business, no one will get hurt.

Gordon steps out of Essen's office and refuses to meet with Falcone, reminding Zsasz that he is outnumbered by the cops in the room. Zsasz nonchalantly orders everyone else to leave, which they do. Only Essen hesitates, but Gordon tells her to go, as she has a family. Once the room is emptied of cops, a shootout ensues between Zsasz and his assistants on one side, and Gordon on the other.

Gordon is wounded in the side, but escapes to the parking lot. He is almost cornered, but a female officer arrives, distracting Zsasz long enough for Gordon to find cover. Suddenly an unmarked car roars into the parking lot and Montoya and Allen tell him to get in, Allen firing back to hold off Zsasz. The car speeds away, and Victor ruefully executes the wounded female officer as punishment for making him lose his quarry. Hours later Gordon wakes up in Gotham University's medical school, where Dr.

Thawsona friend of Montoya and Allen's, has managed to treat his gunshot wounds. Allen explains that they brought Gordon there because Falcone's men will be watching the local hospitals. The doctor says Gordon must rest for at least two days, but he refuses and insists on rising immediately.

At Bamonte's, Fish meets with Maroni to ask for Cobblepot's return. Maroni says "Penguin" may be only a small cog in his organization, but Maroni finds him amusing and is reluctant to give him up.

Instead, he tells Cobblepot to offer Mooney a sincere apology for however he may have offended her. Cobblepot does, but Mooney isn't satisfied, swearing that there will be "bloodshed. The detectives' car is parked in the woods outside Wayne Manor. While Allen goes to the house, Montoya apologizes to Gordon for suspecting him. She admits that her feelings for Barbara may have clouded her judgment more than she believed, but now that she knows Gordon is an honest cop, she is glad they are on the same side.

Then Allen appears beside the car, being held in a bruising joint lock by Alfredwho wanted to verify Allen's claim that they are friends of Gordon for himself. Upset, Bruce hugs Gordon before they leave, not wanting him to die. Maroni's men, led by Frankie Carboneassault one of Falcone's warehouses, killing Nikolai in the process, and stealing a small fortune in weapons and money.