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I have asked about my love life a lot using iching and nearly every time I asked it I get hex May 17th, , PM #1 So now am looking for a relationship and so asked about how I should approach my love life and other general questions on my . subject to all of the traps that glamour and oxytocin have to offer. Most people seem to get started with the Yijing by asking about a relationship. It's a good way to start: it's present, immediate and something. These relationships are usually very metaphysical and analogical. . 11 Because every hexagram is made up of two trigrams, these six positions are naturally divided “Shackles and fetters” always trap, and to “establish the rule and apply.

The inherent love in your heart is more important than the facades of outer success, for one's nature goes with one at all times.

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Changes in Line 4 "Avoid Arrogance" You will be rather lucky in love at this time, but you are strongly advised not to boast about your success. Those who boast may be reminded harshly that arrogance breeds dissonance. Changes in Line 5 "Focus on What You Want" Overall, this is a time of happiness, harmony and success in matters of love. Focus on what you want, not on lack. Such focus will prevent loss, sadness and heartbreak.

One who treats success as if it "should" happen will be reminded that sometimes it does not. Changes in Line 6 "The Castle Wall Tumbles to the Moat" This line suggests that your journey toward peace and deep love may suffer a setback. That which was depended upon, may now be leaving rapidly. As love disappears temporarily, there is great opportunity here.

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Make note of who and what is truly important. Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates the hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization. You are in the Inspiring phase of this Pair. The transformative process of the Pair The process transforms the Matchmaker, the outer world trigram of 37 into the Mediator in the inner world of This turns your need to influence the world into inner self reflection.

This interiorisation shifts the Visionary trigram from the inner world of 37 to the outer world of 38, turning inner guidance into the ability to find real directions in life. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line. Inner World Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate. Through enclosing there is a Dwelling. The cause for sorrow disappears. Stay inside your dwelling and the secure group it represents. Rid yourself of negative feelings.

These are the first steps on the path to union. The people you confront are not outlaws. Reach out and seek an alliance. The rain will come to wash the past away. Proceed step by step. Gather energy for the decisive new move. This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others. Have no concern for achievements or glory. Locate yourself in the center of the Dwelling and feed the people.

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The Way is open. You are the center of this group. Give unselfishly and nourish those around you. Return to the flow and part from the past. You have found what frees you from isolation. Step outside the norms and re-imagine the situation.

Co-operate with the ongoing process of change. This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life. Dwelling people, scolding, scolding. Repent the past sorrow and adversity. If wife and son are giggling, giggling, going on will bring distress.

You must establish order in the family. Make sure people know their roles. The center of life is moving now and you can depend on being a part of it. You will soon find a real friend. What you have in your heart will come to pass. Strip away your old ideas. Be open and provide what is needed. This inner preparation leads to what is greater. The roots of the tree reached the underground sea.

The sea is awake. As a result of this growth, a mighty inner source is discovered inside itself — a whole huge sea. The sea, firmly locked underground, broke to the surface thanks to the roots. Wood will entirely sink to water. Open inside source will fill the plane of subconsciousness by new content. Streams of water will carry out from the depths of the earth a valuable treasure of gold.

Gold will shine under the sky. The inner world will be illuminated by a new beautiful light that has come from the depths of the subconscious. The sun did not yet appear, but heaven was already illuminated by the light, anticipating its appearance. This is the beginning of the dawn in nature, this is the beginning of love in the heart of man. God heaven manifests itself, displacing everything else.

In the depths of the subconscious, an inner source is opened, containing a valuable treasure of a new sense of reality.