Imaginary friend sims 3 romantic relationship

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imaginary friend sims 3 romantic relationship

3 Getting a Playable Imaginary Friend; 4 Abilities; 5 Moodlets a good relationship with his or her imaginary friend and interact with it although they can change to doll mode but cannot do any romantic interactions like this. My character is in love with his imaginary friend for a couple of weeks now. and hers werent too swell either really, they had i think 2 or 3 kids. "Ask To Just Be Friends" should therefore be listed in the Mean I believe the Sims must have a high enough relationship bar and be friendly.

Getting an Imaginary Friend The process of getting an imaginary friend begins as a Toddler. If your toddler was created in Create-A-Sim, there's a chance that it will load with a doll in its inventory.

If it doesn't, you can try moving in the household again.


No need to recreate them. If the child is born via try for baby, it reportedly will come in the mail. You require this doll, and there's no known way to cheat and get one at this time. Greetings from the Lostso Family! We heard that you have a new addition to the family and would like to congratulate you! The Lostso family has sent Azure Dreamweaver a special toy.

Gain relationship with it to reveal its special gifts as she ages. Retrieve the mail to place it in Azure's inventory.

imaginary friend sims 3 romantic relationship

Growing Up Together Your toddler should play with the doll very often. You will see a message that it has become a very special toy to your Sim. This is a good sign that it will age up with them. When the toddler has a birthday, the process continues as a child.

Who knows what will happen if she keeps playing with it?

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Maybe they'll stay as good friends when she grows up! That's fine as it fulfills needs. She told him one, dark evening. He still loved her back!

imaginary friend sims 3 romantic relationship

They kissed, but Holly happened to have stopped by for her date with Manny, and she saw everything. People started to dislike Kayla because she took Manny away from her. They didn't care whatsoever. Eventually, the opportunity for Kayla's parents to go on a trip appeared. They went, and Kayla and Manny threw a small party. Soon, the time came for the parents to came home. Some time after that, I was unable to control Kayla or her brother.

They were frozen in a walking position. Luckily, I was able to control Manny. I had him move out of the house so things would be reset. When Manny arrived, he was alone. Manny never saw the love of his life again. He started a bitter marriage with Holly and they had 3 beautiful kids.

imaginary friend sims 3 romantic relationship

One of those kids looked exactly like Kayla. Children through Elders can use the Chemistry Set to create a variety of potions. You can give potions as Gifts, Mix them into a drink to consume out of a glass, or drink the potion directly from the beaker.

Mod The Sims - How to marry an imaginary friend?

Sims are able to create and use 10 Different potions. Set down the stick Juice and release fumes to make Sims around you throw up. Only Teens can pull pranks with this Potion. Radical Reparum — Level 4 Sims who drink this potion will automatically be able to repair anything that needs repair. Teens through Elders can drink this potion. Bladder Flow — Level 5 Sims who drink this potion will notice that they will have to use the washroom…sooner rather than later!

Sleeping Elixir — Level 6 Sims who drink this potion will be able to sleep like a rock! Nothing will wake even the lightest of sleepers with this potion.

Ghost Potion — Level 7 Sims who drink this potion will have all the benefits of being dead, without the permanence of death. Imaginary Friend Metamorphium — Level 8 This potion turns Imaginary Friends, into real Sims that can interact with everyone, and can be seen by all.

The owner of the Imaginary Friend does not necessarily have to make the potion. Ninja Vanish — Level 9 Sims 3 choose to drink this potion, can automatically be teleported home. Adults with Midlife Crisis can also use this potion to go back in time before their crisis and correct mistakes, or make things right.

Note that if you make a Toddler in CAS, there is a chance they will receive one as well in their inventory when you move them into a house and start your initial gameplay Below is a similar message you will receive when you have a newborn in the family.

These cuddly friends come in a variety of colors. They just sit in the crib and do nothing. This will allow you to change the gender of the imaginary doll before it becomes a real imaginary friend.

Keep a high relationship with this doll during toddler years, and when it comes time for your toddler to age up, the doll will transform into a breathing living friend.

One that only they can see of course! To do this, make sure they have a high relationship and you will receive notification to bring out the doll to play. You will then see a transformation. During your childhood years, you can grow an even better relationship with your Imaginary Friend and even have it help you around the house to clean, or even sneak a snack for ya! Children can do anything with their Imaginary Friend that they can do with family and friends. The interactions are endless.

Imaginary Friends grow as your Sim does. You can choose to have them grow with you and stay invisible to others until death, or have a chance to turn them into a real Sim that everyone can interact with.