Prince of persia warrior within dhaka ending a relationship

prince of persia warrior within dhaka ending a relationship

And in my opinion everything was pretty well done in relation to the changes they .. The Dhaka was terrifying, the story held its own, and the combat was a blast. .. Prince of Persia 2: The Warrior Within, definitely my favorite. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a third-person action-adventure Dahaka - The guardian of the timeline, the Dahaka seeks to kill the Prince to restore . Prince ends up sleeping with Kaileena and beginning a sexual relationship together. I have just completed Prince of Persia Warrior Within. In the end the Prince kills Kailina, and then the Dahaka takes her. He also takes the.

In this ending, it is very possible that the Dahaka could have released the prince and he had become evil Querry: Why would he become evil? Dahaka is not evil, just a guardian doing what he must. First ending, Empress dies, the Dahaka take her body and the Amulet of Time. The Dahaka is not dead in this ending, so the other Prince could not be released.

You all remember that the Empress of Time sent Shadee with a crew of sand creatures to stop the Prince of reaching the Island of Time. They intercepted the Prince in high sea. You also remember that the Prince seeks advise from the Old Man in Babylon it is stated on the official website that the Old Man lives in Babylon. The Old Man tells him of the Island of Time.

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From there the Prince leaves to find the Island of Time. Now suppose that by that time now the Empress of Time is already aware that the Prince is on his way and she sent an army of sand creatures to stop him before he sets sail.

prince of persia warrior within dhaka ending a relationship

Again, this is just speculation. Ubisoft would be assuming a compromise to produce the sequel before even knowing if PoP: WW would be a success or not. CherokeeCat Thank you so much yenoh. I can finally sleep now.

prince of persia warrior within dhaka ending a relationship

I think thats a really gud thot but there cud b a cupple a tuchups. Such as, the Dahaka or "evil Prince" only went to Babylon to lure the real prince there for revenge, and if he gets to take out an entire army, so much the better. And if you follow the way you were thinking, the Vizier frum SOT wasnt supposed to die.

If the Dahaka has the power to take life frum those that shud b dead, y cant he give it to those that shud b alive? And if the Prince hadnt turned back time wit the hourglass, the Vizier wudve gotten the dagger and become immortal I think you put the story together really well Bonjok, kinda makes it all make sense.

I think those videos might not be from POP3. As such, it is expected that he has lead his armies against the enemies of Persia during that time. I think the whole purpose of those videos is to show us how the Prince has changed over time from his former self. He is a different man. He has becomed a more skilled warrior, and we can see in the videos some of the new moves he performes in PoP: He has also lost many close friends in battle, which has affected him greatly.

I don't think the Prince spent those seven years running from the Dahaka the whole time. When the Dahaka appeared before him the first time, he ran from it, but I think the Prince didn't realize that it was after him. After he managed to escape from it, he might have been safe for a while, as the Guardian of Time did not know where he was, and had to find him again. During that time, the Prince resumed his state affairs, namely wars against Persia's enemies.

Only after the Dahaka had reappeared a second time, and a third, and so on, did he realize that he was in grave peril and sought the council of the Old Man. Well, these are my thoughts regarding that topic. I do agree with you that there will be a PoP3 or PoP6, if you prefer it. About Kaileena dying by the hands of the Prince in the next PoP, I think it makes sense if it is the Dark Prince the one who got absorbed by the Dahaka, assuming that that's who the cloaked figure really is who kills her.

After all, when the Prince gets absorbed thus becoming later the Dark Princehe intended to kill her, so, he may think that by killing her in the present he may revert his current condition and all the harm done unto him.

Thus her fate will be fullfilled. As for the Prince's fate, if at the end one Prince kills the other, the Prince's fate will be fullfilled too, but at the same time he will live too yes, it's a bit confusing. So, in PoP3 the Prince's mission would be for him to face and vanquish his alter ego in order to fullfill his destiny and restore order to his kingdom and by doing so he would be also avoiding his doom.

I just thought about this, and edited my post to add the following As for Farah, I think it's like this: The Dark Prince, although evil, is still the Prince, and for all matters, knows all that the Prince knows, and thinks the same way he does. So he also figures what I just said earlier: He also will get his revenge. So what does he do? He lays waste to the Prince's country, thus revealing himself and forcing the Prince the good one to go after him.

The Dark Prince expects the Prince and lays a trap for him. And what should be the bait for the trap? None other than Farah. Knowing that the Prince would take any risks to save her, the Dark Prince expects to eliminate his rival this way. One could also suppose that the Prince would indeed save Farah and escape the jaws of death, but at a very high price: Perhaps she sacrifices herself to save the Prince's life, dying at the hands of the Dark Prince. From that moment on, Farah assists the Prince in his task to defeat his evil self.

What do you guys think about this? In one video it shows him holding someones dead body. Could it be the old mans? And the thing about Kaileenas death The Dahaka released the Dark Prince so that fate will not be changed. The Dark Prince will kill the normal Prince but by doing that he destroys himself aswell. During PoP 3, Kaillena will die at the hands of the Dark Prince and so therefore the Prince will, in the end, kill her.

So since Fate is inexorable, and in the PoP universe the Prince and all of the characters are compelled toward their original fate, then it is likely that Kaileena will die, and that the Prince may die, also. Whether that means the hero Prince or the villainous Dark Prince, is up to the developers. Man the old man seems very involved in what happens.

You cannot change your fate. Ok, I had the alternate ending, which has the prince defeating the Dahaka. Again, all this is speculation, but i think that the past-prince that ends up being sucked up by the Dahaka in place of the masked Wraith-Prince becomes freed when the warrior-prince knocks the Dahaka off the platform. By freed, I mean that he was not killed by the Dahaka, but rather "removed" from the timeline by being stored in it. I assume here that the Dahaka is "time-less" and exists in no specific time frame.

Evil rather than hopeful for the reasons listed above. Third, I think that the cloaked figure that grabs the crown in the final scene with the deep voice and the red eyes is the mutated prince who saw everything get taken from him. I mean, basically, this guy saw a mummy-wraith-creature give him up to the Dahaka and then go on and claim all his assets and rewards without knowing the full reason.

So this Dark-Prince Daha-Prince, whatever you want to call him wants to re-tackle the sands of time so he can change his own past or maybe take charge of his destiny with the sword and dark powers.

This is vague, I know, but like I said it's cool speculation. Oh and finally, that weird scene between Kaileena and the Prince on the boat Because the Prince escaped his fate, the Dahaka is sent to ensure that the Prince dies and thus restore order to the Timeline. Seeking counsel from an old wise man, the Prince learns of the existence of the Island of Time -- birthplace of the Sands of Time, governed by the Empress of Time.

Thinking only of himself and his survival, the Prince sets sail for the Island to prevent the Sands of Time from ever being created.

His belief is that if the Sands are not created then the Dahaka will have no reason to hunt him.

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Many obstacles attempt to prevent the Prince from reaching the Island and his goal. First, his ship is attacked by an army led by a mysterious woman in black named Shahdee. The Prince faces her and during the ensuing combat she manages to throw him overboard; his ship sinks and his entire crew perishes; however, the Prince manages to survive and drifts ashore on the Island.

Wandering further into the island, he re-encounters Shahdee, whom he pursues deep into the fortress of the Island. By doing so, he accidentally steps into one of the many Portals of the fortress, which connects the present with the past. Continuing his pursuit into the Past, he finds her trying to murder an unknown woman in red named Kaileena. The Prince engages Shahdee once more in battle, kills her, and saves Kaileena.

Denied an audience with the Empress of Time to state his case, the Prince is then faced with the task of activating two towers, which in time will open the doors to the Empress' Throne Room. Kaileena aids the Prince by presenting to him the Serpent Sword, which will activate the bridges to reach both towers, and eventually the Lion Sword, an even more powerful weapon than the Serpent Sword.

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As the Prince explores the island, he occasionally encounters a mysterious, dark-looking creature. Shortly before reaching the throne room, the Prince is attacked by the Dahaka and almost killed, but the dark creature rushes in and is killed in his place. The Dahaka then leaves without attacking the Prince. She had sent Shahdee to kill the Prince, sent him on the perilous journey to the towers, and even cursed the Lion Sword - yet the Prince did not die.

Kaileena is also trying to defy her fate.