Quick flirt is a scam

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quick flirt is a scam

All these sites are well-known online dating frauds, so there is a great chance you might get scammed or ripped off using changethru.info changethru.info lied that I subscribed to their subscriptions. I did not subscribed to their phoney services. Sometime ago, I did subscribe to one. As if we didn't need another thing to be mindful of, online dating scams are making people a bit more hesitant to date. Find out how to spot.

Of note, the app does not request access to geo-locate the user, however it seems to automatically do so anyways, although the accuracy is not perfect. Also at the top, is a location indicator such as NY for New York and a search box.

Facts That Prove QuickFlirt.com Scams and Cons You (REVIEW)

Clicking the search box allows users to select the region they wish to find others in - regions are states. Additional search filters are visible, but are only available to Diamond VIP members.

Within minutes, and remarkably without a full profile of any type filled in, messages come in quickly.


To get the most out of the app, users are best suited to click on the profile icon, in the far right bottom corner, and fill out, or correct, profile info.

Profile options also include the option to add a published stream of publically-facing pictures, and private photo swhich are only visible to VIP members. Message service is available in regular service and super service options, both with 1, 3, and 12 month options, which are discounted the higher one goes in quantity.

Throughout the entire initial sign-up process, a live stream of ticker-style alerts are continually displayed, showing info such as users who are your type, number of messages received, and other members who have viewed your profile. Clicking on any alerts, which are constant, will bring you to more info about that alert, such as directing users to their inbox to see new messages. Moving on from the Nearby section, users also have the option to be matched with others in the Match section.

In this area, users are initially shown the main profile picture, username, age, star sign, height, and weight of potential matches. The Discover section is the final way to discover new users, and features three areas: Top Charms is a ranking of users who have the most charm points, and can be sorted by Month, Week, or The New.

Finally, the task center, in a rather random area, is basically a checklist of the tasks users should complete to get the most out of the app, such as Upload Photo, and displays awards charm points available for completing suggested tasks.

Quickflirt.com & Alpaid.com

The first thing you need to recognize is that the operators of Quickflirt. Yes, you read that correctly this site makes up profiles of fake women. You might be asking yourself why would they bother making profiles for nonexistent women?

The answer is simple, they don't have any real women using their service and a dating site without women is useless unless it's a gay dating site. They came up with the idea of "let's create phony member profiles, no one will know". Now what you have is hundreds of dating sites including Quick Flirt involved in fraudulent activity.

quick flirt is a scam

They are deceptively scheming to swindle and cheat the masses of male members who register on their web site. The real problem is men seem to fall for this con on a large scale.

quick flirt is a scam

Being lonely and desperate is a bad combination and leads to them believing anything. This makes it very easy for the male members to be suckered and conned. Keep that in mind while browsing their site.

changethru.info & changethru.info – Dirty Scam

Did you get emails as soon as you registered on Quickflirt? Actually as of writing this review we have received 21 emails in under 1 hour of being a free member of the site! Also note that our profile was left empty no photos and no info. Don't you find it odd that we had soo many women looking at our profile?

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Well if you don't understand how these cons operate it's very easy to get duped. There aren't any real girls sending us emails. It's all fake using some sort of sophisticated computer software that can make it seem like 15 hot girls sent us email messages, BUT it's all phony!

There isn't one real girl emailing us. This con can easily rip off thousands of gullible men who have no clue how these type of elaborate schemes work. Who can conceive that a dating site would be able to email fake messages to their free members?