Relationship marketing benefits of exhibitions

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relationship marketing benefits of exhibitions

The benefits of event marketing are far-reaching and well worth the work. sales , and positioning through valuable face-to-face relationships. A study by the Exhibit and Event Marketers Association and the CMO Council. Business exhibitions - how to make the most of the marketing, networking and you can reap benefits in the long term, turning the leads collected at an exhibition the chance of converting your leads into long-term relationships and sales. Exhibiting at trade shows can bring a number of benefits to your business. face -to-face with potential customers is a great way to start building relationships. customers at an exhibition helps you to start building your marketing lists and.

The role of public relations in organising or participating in an exhibition does not stop at only obtaining positive coverage for the organisation. Public relations plays an important role in attracting both exhibitors and visitors. The organisers should persuade potential exhibitors that a particular exhibition would be of substantial benefit to them. It should be clearly stated who the target market of the exhibition is, and approximately how many visitors are expected.

relationship marketing benefits of exhibitions

Build a good image of a specific exhibition by mentioning previous successes achieved. This would also assist potential exhibitors to decide whether they should or shouldn't exhibit at that event.

Exhibitions - a public relations tool

By obtaining media coverage of an upcoming exhibition, by advertising or editorials, awareness is created and exhibitors and visitors are more likely to participate.

If an organisation is persuaded that this exhibition meets all its goals and objectives, it should make sure that the target audience identified by the exhibition organisers matches its own. This is the responsibility of the public relations practitioner. This stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Set specific goals and objectives: Decide on your target market: Would they understand what you are trying to convey or sell? It's no use exhibiting children's toys at a business and marketing exhibition.

Define the specific messages that you would like to convey to your identified target market. You might have ten different target markets, therefore you need ten different types of messages. You would not use the same message for the media that you would for the junior to middle level visitors, or technical people. The action plan is extremely important. Here you will decide on which activities you would include before, during and after the exhibition.

Marketing messages at business events Make sure your exhibition marketing messages are prepared in advance of the event. Your messaging should be consistent across your stand, in company literature, on your website and in press material. Make sure you can clearly communicate who you are and what your business is about.

Reasons Why Business Exhibitions Can Be So Beneficial For Your Business

This pitch should say everything a prospect needs to know about your business and its USP in less than 30 seconds. Maximise your exhibition presence Maximise your presence at business events by combining it with your other marketing efforts. Use direct maile-newsletterssocial media and PR to raise your profile ahead of the event. Check the event website to find out who the media partners are, and target these publications with your press releases.

A press pack should include background information, images, news, customer case studies and contact details. Invite journalists to your stand, or set a time to meet them for a chat.

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In fact, in most cases this is when the important work starts. Many events offer the ability to scan visitor barcodes on their badge or lanyard at your stand. The data is provided to your business in a spreadsheet after the event for easy follow-up. When we first approach the issue from the point of product which is the first element of marketing and integrated marketing communication, it is possible to say that the attendance to the commercial expertise exhibitions provides a huge opportunity for testing the product mix and thus the product itself.

With this feature, commercial expertise exhibitions provide the opportunity both to promote the products and to observe directly what kind of messages said products give and how these messages are perceived by the consumers. Commercial expertise exhibitions are also effective as they are organizations that bring the product range of the company and the professional visitors together. With attendance to the exhibition organization, important opportunities appear for gaining information on: Product quality of the company Product range Brand and Product design on the first hand and for making the necessary arrangements.

As it can be seen, commercial expertise exhibitions provide the acquisition of important data entries for using in various decisions that will be taken for the product which is an important issue for successfully applying integrated marketing communication and with this dimension, it contributes to the operability of the process.


By attending commercial expertise exhibitions, it is possible for the company to review its current price policy and define with a new approach.

Because the companies can encounter with differences and innovations that can affect their current price policies and can create new opportunities for themselves in the commercial expertise exhibitions. The connections made in the commercial expertise exhibitions can result in important steps such as quantity discounts, various special discounts, and difference in price policy.

Except these; again happening in the exhibition organizations, as applications unique to exhibition period such as changing payment terms, credit facility; they give the companies the opportunity to make short-term changes without damaging price policy. As it can be seen from these examples, commercial expertise exhibitions are effective on the decisions made on the prices just like the product decisions. Different from the other communication efforts, commercial expertise exhibitions create an effect on the whole process and thus become a more important marketing communication element day by day.

When we approach the issue from the marketing mix and at the same time from distribution perspective which is another element of integrated marketing communication we can say that attendance to commercial expertise exhibitions has a huge importance for the distribution function of the companies; because, expertise exhibitions support issues such as supporting the distribution policies of the companies and expanding their distribution areas.

In commercial expertise exhibitions, the participant companies meet new dealers and distributors and networking with them. As expertise exhibitions bring various foundations from a specific sector together, they give the companies the opportunity to meet dealers and the producer companies which needs them from different area and distribution areas which cannot be reached by the participant companies on their own.

As it can be understood from the above mentioned facts; expertise exhibitions are primarily communication study on its own. But they are also hugely effective on product-price and distribution factors that constitute the foundation of the integrated marketing communication, contribute to gaining data and parallel to all these, help the promotion of said elements in the same way.

Thus exhibitions play an important role in the operability of integrated marketing communications process. The point where attendance to commercial expertise exhibitions are found as a part of marketing and integrated marketing communications is shown in figure 3.

It differentiates in terms of finding proper solution and expansions for issues such as reconstructing the sales power of the company, finding new seller and sales representatives, searching for new partners for stocking and transportation and its importance in the process increases. Basically an expertise exhibition is founded on an area where there are thousands of purchasers which can easily increase the demand amount when they are drawn or directed to a booth and with this feature; it plays an important role in the sales process.

A person in charge of the exhibition booth of the company can approach to purchasers a day which is approximately ten times more than other sales activities.

Thus, expertise exhibitions have an important place and importance in the process for providing a dense sales support and giving energy to the integrated marketing communication studies of a company in a specific period.

As it gives more opportunities to convey more messages in a single activity; it is applied more than other several marketing communications elements and thus contributes to the operability and awareness of said communication methods.

relationship marketing benefits of exhibitions

Commercial expertise exhibitions add a substantial dimension to the image that is tried to be created for the corporation by integrated marketing communication. Thus, integrated marketing communication brings continuity to the operability of the process; because, other communication methods used within the frame of integrated marketing communication create an abstract image, the perspective of the company towards its customers is tried to be reflected by messages conveyed regarding the promises made by the company, product and services.