Sesshomaru inuyasha relationship with koga

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sesshomaru inuyasha relationship with koga

Sure, he wants to destroy Naraku just like everyone else, which I .. I don't see Kouga as pushing Inuyasha and kagome's relationship closer. The Inuyasha manga and anime characters are created by Rumiko Takahashi. Most of the . Left for dead at first, Sango is tricked by Naraku into thinking Inuyasha . to Sesshomaru, and develops a good relationship with Kohaku over the course of In this way, Koga has often been the source of Kagome's and Inuyasha's. Kagome is so enraged by Naraku's horrid manipulation of InuYasha, Kikyo, Sango, with another classmate Hojo, and denounce her relationship with InuYasha. When Koga shows open interest in Kagome, protects her.

In fact, once the jewel has been completed, he did not satisfy this desire.

sesshomaru inuyasha relationship with koga

Inuyasha fights through him to reach Kagome before holding the composing demons off. In the manga, he is destroyed forever by Inuyasha when he cuts the point of light in the darkness inside the Shikon Jewel with Meido Zangetsuha, which is the key to destroy the jewel's evil.

In fact, with Inuyasha's attack at this very point, the purity of the Jewel called Naohi annihilates forever the evil corrupting presence within it, then the Jewel's shimmering and voice completely stopped. Instead, in the anime version, Kagome destroys the demon for good when she made a selfless wish for the Shikon Jewel to be erased from existence. His existence is eventually made known to Inuyasha's group when Naraku gave him a temporary human-like body to act through to assist in the restoration of the Shikon Jewel with the personal goal to completely defile it.

As it would later be revealed, Magatsuhi is responsible for sealing Kagome's full spiritual power out of fear of the girl being a threat to him. After losing his temporary body due to Bakusaiga, Magatsuhi resorts to bodily possessions before being stopped by Inuyasha with Dragon-scaled Tessaiga and killed by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga during the final battle against Naraku.

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Naraku's incarnations[ edit ] After acquiring enough Shikon Jewel shards, Naraku gained the ability to create new demons from his being that are technically his "offspring". However, each is treated by Naraku as expendable minions; tools to use as he wishes.

He manipulated some of his earliest creations through threatening to destroy their disembodied hearts should they betray him. Eight detachments were directly created by Naraku within the series' storyline.

sesshomaru inuyasha relationship with koga

Kanna is the only person that Naraku trusts with important information about his actions, allowing her to dictate in his stead. As a "concealed incarnation" of Naraku, Kanna has no scent or demonic aura, which makes her undetectable to Inuyasha, Miroku and Kagome, and immune to demonic aura-related effects such as the Hakurei barrier. She also is nice to Kagura and informative of Naraku's warnings.

She is immune to the Infant's ability to read hearts to know what someone is truly thinking, but possesses thoughts and feelings of her own.

Kanna carries a demonic mirror that can act as a crystal ball for scrying and steal souls of those reflected in it. Once a soul is trapped by her mirror, she can control that person's body to carry out her bidding. As a wind witch who is always barefoot, Kagura uses a fan to enhance her powers where she can create a blade-like tornado or use wind to animate dead bodies.

She can also use her feather hair-ornaments as transportation, enlarging them to ride in the wind. Though initially cold and calculating, Kagura despises Naraku more than she does his enemies, because he possesses her disembodied heart and uses it as a means to punish her or remind her of her place.

As a result, Kagura's desire to be free leads her to covertly aid both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, developing feelings for the latter, in hopes that they can kill Naraku for her so that she can reclaim her heart. As time goes on, Kagura becomes much more sympathetic and caring toward Inuyasha and even more hostile toward Naraku and his minions.

She is ultimately killed by Naraku moments after he returns her heart, but dies content that she got to see Sesshomaru one last time and that she is free. He extremely agile for his size; however, his most dangerous ability is reading minds, which he uses to avoid dangerous situations and exploit his enemies' weaknesses.

When Goshinki breaks Tessaiga, he provides Inuyasha's demon lineage the opportunity to take over. Goshinki struggles to read the now feral and blood-lustful Inuyasha before he is completely ripped apart with only his head remaining. Juromaru and Kageromaru[ edit ] Voiced by: While the more human-like Juromaru is like a berserker who is normally shackled with a mask covering his mouth, the parasitic Kageromaru uses his sickled arms to kill Naraku before being placed in his brother's stomach.

Acting through a puppet, Naraku later removes the restraints on Juromaru so he and Kageromaru can slaughter Inuyasha's group and Koga; however, the two fail and are killed.

Originally faceless and without memory of his past, Onigumo took the face and name of a wandering monk.

sesshomaru inuyasha relationship with koga

Eventually with Kagura watching on Naraku's order, Muso ventures to Kikyo's former village and regains his memories of Onigumo and desires for Kikyo. He sees Kagome with Inuyasha and fights in order to possess Kagome. However, as the demons composing his body are beginning to break away because his human aspect is removed, Naraku is left with no choice but to reabsorb Muso back into his body. The Infant and Moryomaru[ edit ] Moryomaru voiced by: It is later revealed that the Infant's appearance was intentional by Naraku as he expected the detachment to be as devious as himself.

His goal was to use Kagome to find the remaining shards of the Shikon Jewel. He finds her jealousy of Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo, but Inuyasha saves her before the Infant can control her. Because the Infant possesses his heart, Naraku had the infant placed under much protection. Over time, however, the Infant and Hakudoshi conspired to destroy Naraku while making themselves the dominant aspect of his being.

While Moryomaru was originally a puppet, he gains a mind of his own when the Infant is placed inside of him. Acting as a medium of the Infant's will to become a dominant aspect of Naraku, Moryomaru goes to absorb different demons to increase his power to the point of nearly defeating most of Naraku's enemies when they ganged up on him as he destroyed Tokijin before running off.

However, Moryomaru meets his end when tricked into absorbing Naraku, enabling him to reabsorb the Infant and consume Moryomaru from the inside out. Then she did the unthinkable: Inuyasha looked like he was about to explode from rage, while Sango, Miroku and Shippo wondered what Kagome was doing.

I hope she knows what she's doing, or this could get ugly," Sango replied, remembering her training about demons and their mating habits. I'm sorry it took me so long to get to you, but I've been busy preparing our den for your arrival. Now that Naraku's dead, you're coming with me. I've left you with mutt-face far too long, and now it's time for you to take your place at my side," Koga said. She's mine, and she's coming with me. Like you could defeat me with that overgrown fang," Koga smirked, preparing to charge Inuyasha.

Kagome looked mildly amused at the situation before her. They were always like this. Koga comes, compliments her, Inuyasha gets jealous, they fight a little, she sits Inuyasha, Koga runs off, and all is right with the world. Today would be just like any other day, or so she thought. Kagome is my mate, and I'll be damned if she's going anywhere with you! I already said she was mine," Koga growled, equally pissed.

From the sidelines, Kagome started to get a bad feeling. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to make Inuyasha jealous of Koga. Oh well, if it got out of hand, she could just sit Inuyasha so Koga could escape. Inuyasha lunged at Koga, intent on slicing him in half, but Koga was too quick for him.

Even without the jewel shards, he was still very fast. Koga quickly turned and punched Inuyasha in the stomach, causing him to fly into a nearby tree. Now I know you're lying about Kagome wanting to be your mate. She'd never get with someone so weak. Inuyasha didn't even bother answering. He just got up and charged at Koga again. This time, however, he anticipated Koga stepping to the side and turned at the right time in order to slash Koga across his arm. Koga looked shocked at first, then pissed.

He ran to Inuyasha and punched him in the head, causing him to stagger. While he was off guard, Koga kicked him in leg, almost breaking his knee. Inuyasha got up and continued to fight, despite his injuries. Kagome watched the fight with growing trepidation as she realized that they were actually trying to kill each other.

She frantically thought of something to do to get them to stop, since they weren't paying attention to her yelling their names. As Inuyasha got ready to deliver the deathblow with Tessaiga, Kagome took action. It was a move she would later regret. Kagome had thought that if she sat Inuyasha, Koga would run away and return to his pack, but she was wrong. Inuyasha wasn't the only one out for blood, so was Koga. I knew she loved me. Why else would she subdue you so that I could kill you with ease?

He raised his leg and slammed down on Inuyasha as hard as he could. A sickening crack resounded throughout the clearing.

sesshomaru inuyasha relationship with koga

You are mine now, and no one can take you away," Koga replied smugly. I will never go anywhere with you! Nothing's stopping me from taking you now," Koga said, still oblivious to her distress. He reached out to touch her arm and was burned. He howled and drew back. I hate you, and I never want to see you again. If I do, I'll kill you," she stated. Kagome then turned on her heel and kneeled next to Inuyasha. He was still alive, but barely. His spine was broken in several places, and he was bleeding heavily.

His breath was labored, and he was unconscious. They had to get him back to Kaede's quickly, but were afraid to move him because of his condition. Finally, they decided to risk loading him onto Kirara and flying him back.

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Miroku and Shippo flew back with Inuyasha, while Sango and Kagome walked because there was not enough room. The friends walked in silence for a while, until Sango couldn't hold it in any more. She had to know what possessed her best friend to act in such a rash way. Kagome didn't say anything.

She had been asking herself the same thing. What had seemed like a good plan at first turned into her worst nightmare. Inuyasha was injured, he might not even recover, and it was her fault. More than that, she was the one that initiated the fight that lead to his condition. After the argument this morning, I thought it would be good to get Inuyasha jealous.

He's always so rude, and I thought if he saw how I responded to Koga's treatment, he'd treat me better. I didn't know this would happen," she replied. Inuyasha and Koga have always fought over you.

And Kaede explained to you that once you accepted to be Inuyasha's mate, he would be even more possessive of you. He saw Koga as a threat to him and did what only comes natural—protected himself. Kagome, you helped his enemy in a battle against him. He almost died because of it.

How do you think he's going to feel when he wakes up, if he wakes up? She loved Kagome like a sister and generally sided with her, but today was not a day for sympathy. Kagome was wrong, and her actions hurt someone they cared about. She needed to understand that this fight wouldn't be resolved like the others. Inuyasha wouldn't sulk and pout until he decided to come get her or apologize.