Sword art online calibur ending relationship

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Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン, Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light Calibur SS (Failure Side): An alternate ending, based on what would have A sequel to The Day Before that describes the marriage of Kirito and Asuna and. Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara with accompanying .. Art Online Material Edition: Assemblage. –, Caliber SS. Forum > Questions and Answers board > Doubts about the end SAO alicization . the end of the series, as they are both not yet at this stage in their relationship.

When will the two new anime come out? There has been no word on release dates yet. Our guess for season 3 has been Summer of for a long time now, and we are sticking to that for now.

It chronologically takes place between the Mothers Rosario and Alicization Arcs. For a synopsis of the project visit the official homepage at www. They plan on producing a Aincrad reboot for the small screen. Information like release date, exact format, or actors are not announced so far. Alicization is the name of SAO's main story arc, the biggest of the series.

It chronologically follows after Mothers Rosario Yuukis storyand currently spans the volumes in the novels. In case a third season comes, this will be what it is about.

Will insert character that isn't Kirito here be in Alicization?

sword art online calibur ending relationship

Most of the old characters make occasional appearances, but are not very relevant with exception of Asuna for example until the second half of the Alicization arc where they all come back into action.

Do Kirito and Asuna ever break up? No, they do not at any point. The Light Novel canon even changed scenes and dialogues from the original web novel to make this fact even clearer. How does the story continue after Alicization? Volume 18 of the novels concludes the Alicization arc, and therefore the main story of SAO as it was in its original form. Assemblage, though it was never printed independently. An argument over the method of defeating a floor boss turns into a duel between Kirito and Asuna.

Early character designs and descriptions, as well as status parameters.

Why “Sword Art Online — Mother’s Rosario” is my favorite arc in all of SAO

A short story of Yui learning the concept of love and loss. A short story of Kirito being afflicted by an unidentified negative status. A short story of Kazuto and Suguha spending a day together.

sword art online calibur ending relationship

Is that an NPC or a player? Asuna and Kirito attempt to find out the identity of a certain cook.

Why “Sword Art Online — Mother’s Rosario” is my favorite arc in all of SAO

Continuation of Aria of a Starless Night, set immediately after the defeat of the first floor boss. Sequel to Aria of a Starless Night. The Black Swordsman Kirito is now in hiding because of the choice he made. However, Asuna does not plan on abandoning him. Together, they seek to upgrade their weapons, in anticipation for the battle against the Second Floor Boss.

The second floor has been cleared, thus Kirito and Asuna head towards the third floor. Kirito aims at beginning an NPC quest he learned about during the beta test and Asuna decides to join him. But will everything work out as it is supposed to? Then Kazuto tells her about his experiences in UW. Dude really misses Eugeohuh?

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Sisterly love at its finest. With enough luck and cautionyou can beat the game without anyone from the raid team dying. She has Identity Amnesia and can only remember that she needs to fight for some reason. A very reluctant Kirito lets her go through with it, but is determined to stay by her side and protect her to the very end, and he succeeds this time.

Sachi then remembers everything, that she's not the real Sachi. She also remembers what the real Sachi was going to say to Kirito, that Kirito never got to hear. Sachi tells Kirito that she knew she was a coward and was timid, leading Kirito to want to protect her. Sachi explains in that final fight she was terrified and wanted to run, but she stayed and fought, which was when the real Sachi also bravened up and it was all thanks to Kirito inspiring her. She ends it all by thanking Kirito for everything, having told him what the real Sachi would have, even though a tearful Kirito doesn't feel he deserves any thanks.

Hollow Sachi then reveals she will always be in the Hollow Area waiting if Kirito ever feels the need to see her. Hollow Fragment adds a new side quest once you reach Floor 99, what makes this new quest heartwarming?

Doubts about the end SAO alicization

You can actually rescue Strea, allowing you to partner with her on Floor The scene where she reunites with all her friends when she returns to Arc Sophia is just beautiful. Lost Song Just the simple fact that Kirito and the rest of the gang can just hang out and play a game together without the fear of dying, seeing as in this timeline they were in SAO for even longer than usual.

Seeing Strea happily play with the rest of the party is this considering what happens to her in the climax of the previous game. She's alive and is no longer alone, surrounded by people who care about her and she cares about. Even in the amusing side stories where she makes outfits for the female members of the party, the only thing she cares about is seeing her friends' smiles.

The retelling of the Mother's Rosario arc is just as heartwarming as it is in the light novel and anime, except this time there's one more silver lining: Yuuki's condition improves, meaning that she'll be able to stay with her new friends in the long run.

Yes, Yuuki survives in this route. The scene where Rain and Seven, two estranged sisters, reunite for the first time in years. Then they later perform a duet together at one of Seven's concerts. During Lost Song certain conversations can be triggered between active party members. These can range from funny to heartwarming. Of particular note is one between Kirito and Asuna where they express joy at playing ALO together and compliment each other.

sword art online calibur ending relationship

When he gets them lostSinon calls him useless, but this leaves Premiere confused. When they were alone earlier, Sinon wouldn't stop talking about Kirito and telling her how much of a dependable friend and comrade he was and that he would always come through when it counted.

What truly qualifies it, however, is Sinon's confession to set the record straight. This idiot right here, with his careless smile and his kind laugh and his constant miracles You can always depend on him.

He is stronger than anyone I've ever met, despite his irrational streak.

Sword Art Online ALL OPENINGS

He has saved me dozens of times. So yes, Premiere, you can trust him. The simple fact that Yuuki is in this game, alive and well. In a contrast to her fate in canon, we get to experience firsthand what life could have been like if she survived the events of Mother's Rosario.

Yuuki retains her trademark optimism and swordsmanship but is no longer held back by her disease and can freely interact and play games with the rest of the cast like a normal girl. She may not be able to meet the gang in real life just yet, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying her new life to the fullest and taking things easy at the same time.

After an entire life's worth of fighting AIDSYuuki seems to have finally found her own inner peace. If you look carefully at Yuuki's lines when she first appears in-game, you'll notice that she says she had to go to the hospital as part of why she couldn't play the other day.

sword art online calibur ending relationship

Although she's still restricted to get clean room, she's happy that she gets to stick around for far longer than she had originally expected. In canon, Yuuki was seen attending school thanks to Kirito's VR probe.

But in Hollow Realizations she's actively taking classes and learning, being happily tutored by Asuna-sensei. To show her gratitude, Yuuki and Strea make a bouquet of flowers for Asuna which took many attempts to perfectto which Asuna treasures forever.

After Yuuki's first test she gets her grades back, and she's delighted to see she got top marks! Philia's pillow talk is pretty heartwarming. She reveals that while she was trapped in the Hollow Area it's meeting Kirito that gave her hope to continue surviving and that he was like her knight in shining armor coming to her rescue.

Shortly after they start talking about Philia's treasure huntingto which Philia says her treasure hunting sense was going off right in Kirito's room. Kirito becomes confused as the only valuable things in his room were swords which he didn't think counted as treasure. Philia tells him the valuable treasure is right in front of her, grabs Kirito's hand, and says: You are my greatest treasure. I don't think you'd get much for me on the open market though. I would never want to sell this treasure, it has had such an impact on my life, made me hope, made my future bright and clear.

This is one treasure I never, ever plan on letting go.

Sword Art Online / Heartwarming - TV Tropes

Sinon confessing her Dark and Troubled Past identical to canon where she shot a bank robber at the age of eleven to her friends, feeling guilty for having lied to them and believing they would no longer accept her since she's a murderer.

To her surprise, none of her friends think any differently of her as a person and wish to help her carry the burden she's lived with for so long.

A tearful Sinon thanks then for being her best friends. Accel World VS Sword Art Online While thinking about the future of the Accel World time period, Yuuki is certain she won't be around to see it, as her surviving until now was already a miracle and there was no way she'd last another couple of decades. However Haruyuki and Utai overhear their conversation, and Utai shares a story how after her brother had died, she met a lady at the hospital who had just left an ICU after being given successful treatment with a drug for an incurable disease.

Hearing that people with incurable diseases were still alive in the future, gives Yuuki and all the fans hope that: Leafa has a heart-to-heart with Rin after hearing her brother is in a coma. Leafa recounts her own experiences at having Kirito in a coma during the SAO incident. Leafa tells Rin that no matter what she should never give up hope on her brother and keep encouraging him to come back to her.

Fatal Bullet There's a very touching scene where Kirito and Yuuki had been sparring with Photon Swords, but after several consecutive duels, Yuuki is flat out exhausted. Kirito offers to piggyback her back home. Although hesitant at first, after hearing Kirito has done this before with Yui and Suguha, Yuuki accepts.

sword art online calibur ending relationship

Yuuki remarks how this must be what it felt like to have an older brother, to which Kirito tells her he'd be happy to be her older brother anytime she wanted him to.

Sister's Prayer The sisters' bond in general, particularly when Aiko selflessly insists that Yuuki be able to test the Medicuboid, and with it, get a clean room and a better standard of living. Yuuki's Character Developmentparticularly her epiphany around the time she, her sister and Merida plan on forming the Sleeping Knights.

She did not know how much time she had left. But if her life was to be shorter than others, she would only need to run on accordingly, at a faster rate, with a larger stride.

Merida snaps her SAO memory card in half as a birthday gift to the sisters, signifying that she's abandoned her desire to try to enter SAO and risk her life. Memory Defrag Kirito and Asuna never got a proper wedding ceremony in canon, so they get one in the mobile game after completing a quest to help an NPC bride and groom find each other.