Us economic relationship with egypt

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us economic relationship with egypt

The United States established diplomatic relations with Egypt in , Egypt has one of the most diversified economies in the Middle East. Egypt–United States relations refers to the current and historical relationship between Egypt and the United States. The U.S. had minimal dealings with Egypt when it was controlled by the Also, Egypt received about $30 billion in economic aid within the same time frame. In , the U.S. provided a military assistance of. As strategic economic and security partners, Egypt and the United States have engaged in ongoing collaborative efforts to expand commercial ties, increase.

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Egyptian imports of iron and steel rose Other increased imports include a Arms and ammunition imports also increased by more than threefold to reach USD Some of these gains, however, were offset by losses, most notably a Texas, the top exporter for the past two years, followed behind, exporting USD Louisiana is also a major exporter of oilseeds, grains and cereals.

The top five importing states received New Jersey topped the list in for the second year in a row, with imports totaling USD California and Georgia followed, representing New York, traditionally a top importer, and Texas rounded out the top five.

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New Jersey primarily imports mineral fuels and oils, while all three of the top states import large volumes of apparel, carpets and other textiles, as well as iron and steel. The GSP program must be renewed periodically.

us economic relationship with egypt

It expired between August and Julyat which point the Obama Administration renewed it through the end of and retroactively applied it for the lapsed period.

As of Februarythe GSP had not been renewed, amid calls to amend the program. One proposed change is limiting the program to least-developed countries and excluding emerging-market developing countries, many of whom are currently eligible.

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The top 10 exports, which make up Additional Trade Statistics Resources: TradeStats Express — Basic trade data between the U. Foreign Trade Statistics — U. Trade Data and Analysis — U. Commercial Service, industry-specific trade data and analysis. Investment According to the most recent full-year data from the U. Department of Commerce, the stock of U. InEgypt was the largest recipient of U.

Egypt-U.S. Relations

During the first three quarters ofU. According to the Central Bank of Egypt, the U. Apache Corporation, a global oil and gas exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas, entered Egypt in and is now the largest American investor in the country, with current investments totaling over USD 17 billion.

us economic relationship with egypt

In moving toward the U. Sadat opened negotiations with Israel, resulting most notably in the Camp David Accords brokered by President Jimmy Carter and made peace with Israel in a historic peace treaty in Sadat realized American aid was essential to that goal, and it allowed him to disengage from the Israeli conflict, and to pursue a regional peace policy.

Inthe U. Military cooperation between the U. General Anthony Zinnithe former Commandant of the U. US President George W. Counterterrorism[ edit ] Despite differences and periods of friction in relations between the two countries, the U. It was in the U.

us economic relationship with egypt

However lately Egyptian—American relations have become a little tense. This is due to a great extent to the Egyptian unwillingness to send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq in peace stabilization missions. Egypt strongly backed the U. Egypt also opposed U.

us economic relationship with egypt

The issue of participation in the post-war construction efforts in Iraq has been controversial in Egypt and in the Arab world as a whole. Opponents say that the war was illegal and it is necessary to wait until Iraq has legal representative government to deal with it. On the other hand, supporters of participation argued that the responsibility to protect Iraqis and to help them in time of crisis should prevail and guide the Egyptian action in Iraqdespite the fact that the Iraqis do not agree.